Manufacture and Export all kinds of Leather Hides



the incident Egyptians was the inventors of tanning leathers  and they used it in clothing and military and to many industries and till the end of their generation they was still the best for producing and using the animals skins and wool

Farrouh Leathers was born in the heart of Egypt at 1935, in the so-called “tanning district”, where the tanning process is an old family tradition and where the economy is mainly related to this activity. More than 2.000 Tanneries in this area export all around the world.

Before 1980, Mr.Abd-Baky Grand Father of Farrouh Family Was establish one of the biggest tanneries in old Cairo since 1935 which is specialized in manufacture of Vegetable Tanned and then Chrome Tanned Leathers hides and was co-operated with the biggest companies of leathers products in Egypt and middle east.

During the years gradual and continuous improvements have been made: in the quality of the leather.

Our Company is awarded with the Africa Award for tanning leather on 1993 under the name of El-Seeidy Tannery

Farrouh Leathers, , winner of the Gold Award at the International Quality Summit in New York 2015


-the guarantee of the Egyptian origin of the product and the environment safety.
-the certification of the naturalness of this leather.
-the guarantee of high quality standards during the tanning process.
-Keeping our promise, and make a long term business relationship.



 1.5 million Square Feet monthly.

Crust & Finished Leathers:

Capacity: 800,000Square Feet monthly.


Total Capacity: approximately 2.3 million sqFt Monthly = 27.5 annual capacity

Farrouh Leathers Tanneries Used the most qualified raw hides mainly Egyptian hides "cow" male & Female", Buffalo "male & Female", Sheep, Goat, Lamb, Camel" which is suitable for all leather industry "Shoes, Belts, Upholstery, Automotive, Sofa, Garments, lining,.... ETC" and we use also different origins as Sudan, Ethiopia and Brazil.

We have a high experience in tanning and in finishing leathers with high quality and high grades.
Our tannery in modernized enough to tan and finish leather with high quality in addition to our experience.

Our Main Market: India, Brazil, Vietnam, Korea, Italy,  Egypt, Romania, Turkey